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Fast, secure and cost-effective virtual servers

beebyte Public Cloud

With over 20 years of experience in operating business-critical IT, the choice for the next generation virtualization platform felt easy. Our VPS platform is based on OpenStack, which was developed by NASA and is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world for operating and managing virtual servers.

Fast, secure and stable

Two zones, one cloud

In our cloud for VPSs, you can choose to create servers in two different so-called “Compute Zones”. You can mix servers between the zones and thus ensure that you get a VPS that is tailored to your specific needs. All virtual servers run on virtualization clusters that reduce the risk of downtime in the event of hardware incidents. In the event of a hardware failure, another takes over automatically. All data is also stored on a mirrored SSD disk.

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Compute Zone General Purpose

Suitable for most types of services, such as web and database applications.

Minimum speed CPU
2,1 GHz
Commitment period
Per hour
Basic – included
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Compute Zone High Performance

This compute zone is suitable for the most demanding applications.

Minimum speed CPU
3,8 GHz
Commitment period
Per hour
Basic – included

Always included at beebyte

No commitment period

Our hosting on your terms – you choose when you want to end your services.

World-class support

We are always there when the accident happens – just a chat away.

Data stored in Sweden

You can be sure that all your data is stored within the country’s borders.

99,99% uptime

We make sure that our cloud services perform at their peak 24/7

With beebyte Public Cloud based on OpenStack

Take snapshots

Create and manage snapshots directly in the control panel.

Manage replication

Choose between different policies for how your data should be replicated.

Manage VPN

Manage IPSec VPN directly in the platform to create hybrid solutions.

Create network

Create and manage networks for your solutions via the control panel.

Manage SSH keys

Manage keys for easy and secure ssh access.

Manage routers

Create your own L3 routers to connect your networks.

Create images

Use templates and images to quickly create new servers.

Floating IPs

Full support for floating IPs.

Choose from a range of different operating systems such as:

  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Windows Server (2019 2022)
  • Linux Debian
  • Linux Fedora
  • Rocky Linux
  • Arch Linux
You can also install from your own templates and ISO’s
Cost effective

Price list

Disk (Mirrored SSD)
€0,13 /GB and month
IP (IPv4 and IPv6)
€0,1 per 1M IOPS /hr
€0,1 per 1M IOPS /hr
Network traffic
€0,03 /GB
€7,5 /Core and month
€6,9 /GB and month
€11,9 /Core and month
€8,9 /GB and month

A 100 mbps connection to the internet is always included at no extra cost. 5 GB network transfer / hours, 50 MIOPS write and 100 MIOPS read per month. Our SLA Basic is also included at no extra cost. Read more about our different options for service agreements here. Any operating system licenses for Windows Server are included.

Count on your price

Price calculator general purpose

Here you can calculate approximately how much it costs to have a General Purpose VPS with us!

Just drag the symbols back and forth to scale up or down. You can see the price on the right.


Each core runs on a 2.4 Ghz Xeon server CPU


Number of IP addresses for your server


Memory for your server


Redundant SSD disk


Backup to another server

5 GB bandwidth included every hour, via 1000 Mbit/s uplink

Estimated price
Choose SLA type
SLA Basic
SLA Platform Plus
Create account
Easy with beebyte Public Cloud

Adjust your server

In beebyte’s server manager, you can adjust your infrastructure at any time so that it meets your expectations. Via the server manager, you have direct access to your server via console. Below are some examples of what you can do in the server manager:

Adding more disk space, CPU and memory
Take and manage snapshots
Create and restore backups
Configure and adjust networks and network cards
Setting up, cloning and removing VPS servers
Hosted OpenStack kontrollpanel
For your needs

Need help with VPS?

We help you choose what suits your specific needs and respond to any thoughts or questions that you have. Contact us today and we will help you:

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