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We help you with the migration

Free migration

We always offer our new users help to move their websites, servers or VPS to us for free. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of migration projects, everything from single websites to entire server clusters have been moved with good results to our hosting environment. Everything takes place in close dialogue with our users, who via chat have full control and visibility into the project.

Free migration service
Free migration service
Extensive experience

We can migrate your server

We can migrate your server to us from all the common virtualization technologies (Hyper-V, VMWare ESX, KVM, XEN etc).

By setting up private, encrypted, tunnels (VPN) over the Internet this can be done by a way that ensures high user satisfaction and a good user experience.

Move your website

We can migrate your website

Moving a website to a new web host or a VPS (Virtual Server) can have its challenges. Therefore, it is important that it is carried out in a way that has little impact on the website’s visitors, while at the same time the data is preserved and intact when it reaches the target environment. We have extensive experience in moving WordPress/Woocommerce pages and other CMS and e-commerce systems.

Do you want to move your server? Fill in and send the form below.

Free migration service
Migration help

Migration form

Use one form for each website and organization


If you are a partner or reseller we will need an organization to put the customer on. Please create one in the portal and name it here.


When the migration is done we will send you an e-mail on which you have 5 days to reply to confirm that everything works as intended. If something needs to be corrected this will be done, free of charge, within these 5 days.

Create account

For us to be able to do a migration you have to have an account att beebyte. To create on, click “log in” in the top menu and create one before you fill in this form.

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