Our data centers

Currently we have three data centers placed in Karlstad, Wermland, all equipped with hardware that we know will handle the load from all our customers! On this page you can read more about each data center and what we do to ensure they deliver our top notch hosting!

Datacenter 02 

Datacenter 02 is our primary center for our servers. The center is placed in a facility owned by the swedish military with guards on duty constantly, and it's connected to; an uninterruptible power supply, double connections to the internet as well as an automatic fire extinguisher. 

Datacenter 03

Datacenter 03 is reserved for our backups. It's in the same building as our Data center 2 and is connected to the other center via a dedicated dark fibre.  The cooling of this centre comes from the naturally cool air from the mountain surrounding the centre. 

Datacenter 04

Datacenter 04 is our newest server hall and is placed in the same building as Datacenter 02 and 03, which means it is at the same level och security as the otehr data centers. Due to the placement of this data center the acess times are also very good.  This data center is also connected an uninterruptible power supply, double connections to the internet as well as an automatic fire extinguisher.

Physical SEcurity

Our data centers are placed in buildings owned by the swedish military in Karlstad.  The swedish military is partly operating in the same favility as iyr orimary data center as well, which means the favility is guarded and monitored 24/7  by  armed and trained personel. 

The server-environment is monitored, cooled and provided with electricity through UPS and a diesel generator. All vital servercomponents are built in accords to the N+1 principle to make sure our hosting solutions are available around the clock. 

Powerful and stabile network

Our servers are connected to one of Europe's biggest and most powerful core networks. Through this connection we can give our customers fast respons times and high availability. This connections happen in our primary data center through fiber with redundancy and geographical diversity (we have ports from different geographical positions).

Member in LIR@Ripe

The owners of beebyte are members of the organisation Ripe (Regional Internet Registry for Europe) and have formed their own LIR (Local Internet Registry). That means beebyte owns and administrates our own IPv4 and Ipv6 adresses, which gives us more control and flexibility.