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A VPS that can do more

VPS Features

We strive to be one of the best companies when it comes to business critical hosting! Here you can read more about the functions that our VPS service Scale Cloud VPS can offer you and your business.

VPS Software and Add-ons
VPS Software and Add-ons
Get expert help

We know business-critical operations

We at beebyte have nearly 20 years of experience in business-critical operations and hosting. Since more than a decade back, we have worked with virtual servers and VPS hosting based on a range of different technologies (VMWare, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, Xen and KVM), in other words, we have solid experience in virtual server operation and VPS solutions for a range of different needs.

We can help you with everything from the operation of websites, webshops and clustered solutions to the total operation of your entire infrastructure for your offices or stores.

VPS Software and Add-ons
VPS Software and Add-ons
Protect your data

VPN via Virtual Appliance

By setting up a small virtual server (so-called Virtual Appliance) we can offer tailored VPN solutions to our VPS customers, and via pfsense we can offer a wide selection of VPN technologies, including IPSec and OpenVPN

In addition, we can offer hardware to rent for those who want to be able to terminate the VPN connection in their own office. This can of course be done with existing equipment provided it has support for it.

Easy to choose

Advantages of VPS

There are many advantages to using a VPS – below you will find four! And if you are unsure whether this is the right solution for your wallet, visit our Price-Scale Cloud VPS page and you can directly calculate in our price calculator how much it costs to have your environment with us.


Easy to get started

Our VPS platform is created and ready for automation. Our users have access to a large selection of templates with both Windows and Linux versions. You can also build your own installation scripts (so-called recipes). Of course, you can automate backups, and restore them whenever you want.

VPS Software and Add-ons
VPS Software and Add-ons
You decide

Customize according to your needs

You can do everything from connecting with a console (if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out), to restarting or booting your server from an ISO image on your own. You can of course expand the disk space on your server if you want to store more data on our mirrored and striped SSD storage. All VPS servers are delivered without a commitment period, so you can terminate the service at any time.

Secure hosting

We protect your data

Via our control panel, you can manage IP addresses, network connections and firewall rules yourself. In addition, the servers are stored in a secure server room in the defense’s old premises in Karlstad, still protected by armed guards. In other words, all server data is stored in Sweden on mirrored SSD disks.

VPS Software and Add-ons
VPS Software and Add-ons
Scale resources easily

Flexible solutions

Scale your server’s performance up or down as your needs change. You can also take a copy on your server or turn it into a template. Should an error occur on the physical hardware, an automatic failover of your server takes place to guarantee availability.

VPS Software and Add-ons
Secure hosting

Feel safe with BitNinja

We are a reseller of BitNinja – the leading application firewall for web servers on the market. By using BitNinja, you can ensure that malicious traffic, and so-called botnets are blocked early on from reaching your server and that malicious code never takes hold among your applications.

Read more about BitNinja on our blog, or activate the service in our portal.

Personal and professional

Price list – other services

Consulting fee, charged per hour started.
Consultation weekdays at 8-16
99,5 € / h
Debited weekdays 17:00-08:00
Consultation weekdays at 17:00
199 € / h
Charged per hour started
Consultation weekends
289 € / h
Consultant fee, charged per hour started
Changes in firewall rules
19,5 € / h
Consulting fee, charged per hour started
Restart of server
19,5 € / h
Consulting fee, charged per hour started.
Monthly update of server
19,5 € / month
Get started today

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Use the discount code “startnow” to get 50€ to test run our top modern Swedish data centers. Fill out the form next to start using your VPS or shared hosting today.

VPS Software and Add-ons

Get started today

VPS Software and Add-ons

Secure Data Centers

beebytes VPS Servers are operated from our high-tech and secure data centers in Karlstad, where hardware and environment are monitored by automatic systems 24 hours a day and emergency technicians are ready to go if something should happen.

VPS Software and Add-ons

Recycled air

Our intake air maintains 25 degrees Celsius, which is in line with the recommendations from our suppliers. The hat is recycled and used to heat office and hot water, which contributes to the cost-effectiveness of our VPSs.

VPS Software and Add-ons

Environmentally friendly electricity

In terms of power, the servers are fed with electricity that is labeled “Good Environmental Choice” and are connected behind both the UPS (battery power) system and backup power (diesel). This means that we can cope with very long power outages.

VPS Software and Add-ons

Stable connection

Our internet connections are made via redundant fiber pairs with diversity (following different geographical routes) to Netnod in Stockholm, where they are in turn connected to one of Europe’s fastest and most sable IP networks.