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Manage containers

CaaS – Container as a Service

We also provide CaaS, in other words Container as a Service, which means that you can easily create and manage containers (e.g. docker) that contains your application in beebyte PaaS. Below you can read more about what the service means to you!

CaaS eng
CaaS eng
Easy to get started

Easy deployment of containers

In the beebyte PaaS service, you can easily create and distribute resources to your containers:

Deploy from public and private Docker Hub Registries
Integration with Git/SVN and CI/CD tools
Support for stateful, legacy and microservice applications
Zero downtime re-deployment and automated updates
Deployment via "compose up" and "docker stack" commands
CaaS eng
CaaS eng
Easy to scale

Automatic scaling

Scale your performance and resources with just a few clicks in the service.

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling 
Container auto-discovering and interlinking during scaling
Sticky session load balancing and smart traffic distribution
Set scaling levels for CPU, memory, disk space and I/O usage per container
Scalable packaged clusters for complex applications
Easy to control

Intuitive control panel

You can easily change the parameters of the automatic scaling, edit settings and create new clusters in our smart control panel.

Intuitive user interface for easy handling
Advanced configuration via SSH and CLI
Interactive file manager, statistics, load and log management
Scripting of repetitive steps
Automatic hibernation of idle containers
Full access to a plethora of open source applications
CaaS eng
CaaS eng
Easy to use

Configured Kubernetes-cluster

The service has everything you need to be able to manage your containers with the help of kubernetes.

Run scalable microservices and prevent them from failing
Provision "wear-and-tear" clusters and avoid confusion about ownership and resource issues between development teams
Save more by using efficient resources
Implement CI/CD automation and develop faster with a shorter release cycle
For your needs

Do you want to get started with beebyte PaaS?

Do you want to activate the service or do you have questions about beebyte PaaS? Call or email us and we will help you get started with the service immediately!

CaaS eng