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Shared hosting Windows

For us, new technology is extremely exciting. That is why we have chosen to build a modern Windows-based Web hosting with support for MSSQL, *.NET core and full trust. Of course on our fast servers in Sweden and with smart functions such as free SSL certificates via Lets Encrypt.

Shared Hosting Windows
Shared Hosting Windows


Shared hosting Windows

Suitable for E-commerce, large websites, companies

SSD storage
Websites included
.NET Core
*Full support
Commitment period
Full support
MSSQL Database storage on
SSD storage
Average response time
45% Faster
Optimized for
€14,9 /month
Everything gathered in one service

A modern web host

The number of web hosts that offer Windows Server as a platform has decreased significantly over the years. However, we see that there is still a great demand for a Windows-based web host that is modern and maintained. We update our platform regularly and constantly launch new features.

In order for the platform to be modern and reliable, we have also chosen not to offer support for classic third-party components such as ASPUpload or ASPJpeg. We also do not support ParentPaths.

The following is always included in our shared hosting

SSL included

Free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt at the push of a button, with auto-update.

Restore backups

Databases easily managed via PHPMyAdmin and create/read backup.


Our monitoring tool Iris keeps an eye on if something happens to your site.


Staging and test environment directly in the backend. Clone and sync environments easily.

Simple control panel

All your services are gathered in our user-friendly, self-made portal.

Data stored in Sweden

You can be sure that all your data is stored within the country’s borders.

99,99% uptime

We make sure that our cloud services perform at their peak 24/7.

World-class support

We are always there when the accident happens – just a chat away.

Get started today

Create an account and try us for free!

Use the discount code “startnow” to get 50€ to test run our top modern Swedish data centers. Fill out the form next to start using your VPS or shared hosting today.

Shared Hosting Windows

Get started today

All you need

Detailed technical specification

DNS Hosting
You can have an unlimited number of domains with us
E-mail Hosting
Unlimited number of mailboxes
Storage for website
50 GB / website
Memory for PHP
2 GB / website
Weekdays 08-17 (except lunch 12-13)
E-mail alias
FTP access
Data transfer
200 GB / month and website
MySQL/MSSQL Database
Yes, 5 per website
Full Git-support
Option to create and read back backups yourself
Yes, backups are taken once per day, saved for a week
Option to choose PHP version yourself
Yes, all supported
Live view of logs
Access to weblog files
Application firewall
Yes, market leading BitNinja
Support for ASP Classic
*Support for .net:
Yes, .NET 7, .NET 6, .NET 5, .NET 4.8/.NET 4.7.2 and .NET 2.0
*Support for .NET core:
Yes, 2.0.7, 2.1.1, 2.1.6, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 3.0.0, 3.1.1

*Dedicated application pool is required to run for example dotnet core applications. Enabling dedicated application pool is done via our customer portal per website. Cost is 5 Euros / website and month.

Fast, stable and secure

Do you need moving assistance?

We always offer our new users help to move their websites, servers or VPS to us for free. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of migration projects, both large and small.

Everything from single websites to entire server clusters has been moved with good results to our hosting environment, all in close dialogue with our users who via chat have full control and visibility into the project. Click here to read more!

Always updated

.Net 6 and more

We try to constantly keep ourselves updated. Therefore, we install new .net core versions as soon as we see them released or a request comes from one of our users. Of course, we also have Classic ASP support and support for the .NET Framework with the latest version.

The website’s servers run Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 (IIS Internet Information Services 10.0).

Shared Hosting Windows
Shared Hosting Windows

SSD-based shared hosting

We have one of the market’s most competitive web hosts, which is due, among other things, to our reputable IaaS / server service that is based on 100% SSD-based storage. Thanks to this, response times are extremely short.

Shared Hosting Windows

Control everything from the control panel

Of course, you can easily access the most common settings from our control panel (which is based on Plesk). There you can easily manage domain names, databases and logins to your web hosting.

For your needs

Do you need help choosing the right one?

We help you choose what suits your specific needs and respond to any thoughts or questions that you have. Contact us today and we will help you:

Shared Hosting Windows
Fast, stable and secure

All data located in Sweden

Our data centers are located in Karlstad, where the servers are protected by environment surveillance, a cooling system as well as a redundant supply of electricity via UPS and diesel generators. All vital server-components are built according to the N+1 principal so that our hosting-solutions can be accessible around the clock.

Our servers are also connected to one of Europe’s biggest and most powerful backbone. Through the connection we at beebyte can offer our customers fast replies and high availability. The connection is created via fiber with redundancy and geographical diversity (with entrances from different geographical positions).