Managed server

Managed Server is built upon the concept that we at beebyte will take care of your server so you can focus on your core business. With the help of modern virtualization techniques it is simple to create hundreds if not thousands of servers. In an instance you can copy or upscale a server if needed. However a server, despite the modern virtualization techniques still needs someone to take care of it.

Simple and powerful hosting

Together with a selection of well tested, smart software and services we see to that your server is operating smoothly, 24/7. If a problem were to occur we are via monitoring quickly trying to solve the standing problem. If you were to experience a problem, then there is a number to us which you can call- 24/7.

Surveillance 24/7

Surveillance around the clock which automatically goes into action if disturbance occur, as well as access to emergency technicians 24/7.

safe updates

Uninterrupted updates of operating systems via KernelCare as well as monthly overviews via beebytes update service.

High security

Smart application firewall from market leading BitNinja

plesk for control

Market leading control panel from Plesk with a toolkit for WordPress with support for unlimited numbers of domains.

A collection of powerful additional services

This includes the following additional services:

  • BitNinja server security which automatically updates and stops damaging traffic before reaching your server. In addition it also searches through files to look for damaging codes.
  • Beebyte SLA (Service Level Agreement) Platform and Platform Plus makes it so that we 24/7 surveill the health of your servers. In addition you can also at anytime call our emergency technician (24/7) if there is any trouble.
  • KernelCare allows us to install updates on your server  without having to restart it
  • Virtuell server via Beebyte Scale Cloud VPS soon to be available.
  • Plesk Web Host Edition with WordPress -toolkit makes it's possible for you to manage your customers. As well as giving them their own log in. Plesk also has tools for free SSL-certificate via LetsEncrypt and staging / cloning functions for Wordpress.
  • IPv6 support is included!

Managed Server

We will look after your server

985SEK / Month

Surveillance, around the clock.

Your own direct number

Included application firewall

Access to your own root-access


Your data is never far away

Our data center is located in Karlstad, where the servers are protected by environment surveillance, a cooling system as well as a redundant supply of electricity via UPS and dielseaggregate. All vital server-components are built according to the N+1 principal so that our hosting-solutions can be accessible around the clock.

Our servers are also connected to one of Europe's biggest and most powerful backbone. Through the connection we at beebyte can offer our costumers fast replies and high availability. The connection is created via fiber with redundancy and geographical diversity (with entrances from different geographical positions).