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Dedicated technician


With our service XpertNow, you as a customer can buy an hour bank to use for all types of technical assistance on your hosting solution with us. When you sign up for the service, you get access to a dedicated technician who gets to know you and your systems and whom you can call or email. Of course, your XpertNow technician is backed up by beebyte’s entire technical competence pool and can thus easily bring in the right competence for the task.

Xpertnow eng
Xpertnow eng
Xpertnow eng
Direct contact

Senior IT competence for 29.5 € / hour

As an XpertNow customer, you have direct contact with the people who can push the right buttons to make things happen and no question is too small or too big to ask.

XpertNow is signed without a commitment period but with a notice period of 3 months. The minimum number of hours is 20 hours / month. More hours can be added to your hour bank in increments of 5 hours. A start-up fee (one-off fee) of SEK 595 is charged to cover administrative costs in connection with the start of the service.

This is included

Get expert help right away

In the Xpertnow service, you get direct contact with a technician with us, but you also get:

Senior IT system administrator skills
Own direct number
Guaranteed response time of a maximum of 60 min. during office hours
Technicians who only work with a limited number of clients
All deliveries are made by personnel within the EU
Flexible hour bank - adjust month by month
The technician manages your entire environment with everything from patching to configuration
Xpertnow eng
Xpertnow eng
For your needs

Do you want to get started with Xpertnow?

Do you want to activate the service or do you have questions about Xpertnow? Call or email us and we’ll help you get started with the service right away!