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WooCommerce Rescue

Woocommerce is, in many ways, a fantastically easy-to-use and affordable e-commerce platform. However, it happens, especially when the stores reach a certain volume, that the performance drops with long response times and a reduced degree of conversions as a result. Our method to save you when your Woocommerce-based solution responds slowly is based on long experience in operating business-critical systems and especially Woocommerce/Wordpress.

WooCommerce Rescue eng
WooCommerce Rescue eng
The process behind the service

Four steps to improve your E-commerce

To show the value in our WooCommerce rescue process, we show below the four steps we use to reduce the loading times of your e-commerce. Our concept costs nothing apart from the ongoing hosting cost and is carried out as time permits by our technicians. Each step is of course carried out in close dialogue with you.

WooCommerce Rescue eng

1. Move to VPS or web hosting

We start by moving a copy of your site to us so that we can have control over the underlying performance elements such as e.g. IOPS. We also assume that your site will stay with us if we solve your performance problems. Normally, this also lowers your monthly operating costs.

WooCommerce Rescue eng

2. Optimization of the site

After the move, we optimize the server and the site to be able to serve as many simultaneous users as quickly as possible. Here we can use Redis, Nginx, WPSuperCache as well as traditional SQL query analysis to see how your database calls can be optimized before we move on to the next step.

WooCommerce Rescue eng

3. Load and stress test

Before we redirect your domain name so that your visitor traffic goes towards the new set, we test your server with various tools to make sure it can handle the load from your visitors.

WooCommerce Rescue eng

4. Repointing of domain

The last step is that we point your domain to the website and move over any missing data such as customer orders and users. In other words, you don’t lose any orders during the entire move!

WooCommerce Rescue eng
The little extra

More smart additional services

As a Woocommerce customer with us, you get access to a range of smart additional services at no extra cost. How about for example:

WPAllImport/Export plugin with WooCommerce support at no extra cost. With this plugin, you can easily export and import orders, products and use in your setup. Value $169.
beebyte Iris – integrated monitoring. If the accident is imminent, you want to know before your visitors. With Iris in place, you will receive an email or SMS if something happens to your e-commerce, and you can also choose to let our 24/7 emergency services solve the problem.
Free SSL Certificate. Your visitors need to know that they are shopping on a site with an encrypted and secure connection. We install an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt for free.
All data on mirrored (redundancy) and fast Solid State disk.
For your needs

Do you want to optimize your e-commerce?

We help you choose what suits your particular needs and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and we will help you:

WooCommerce Rescue eng