what is iaas?

Curious about our services? IaaS, or Infrastructure as a service is one of three types of delivery of cloud services (PaaS, IaaS and CaaS). Infrastructure as a service usually includes VPS - Virtual Servers, storage and computing power. On this page you can read more about how we work to make our IaaS services the best on the market!

what is Iaas?

IaaS is the basis of all types of cloud deliveries. You as an end user or company get easy access to IT infrastructure and resources online. IaaS is a virtualized environment that includes server capacity, networking, storage and security that together provide a cost-effective and extremely scalable foundation for the cloud service. In concrete terms, this is delivered from several physical servers or locations, while in the user interface it looks like an environment where they can handle all the different virtual components.

advantages with IAAS

Unlike buying and operating your own server infrastructure, with IAAS and infrastructure services via the cloud you can easily scale up and down performance according to your website's needs. You never pay for more resources than you use. In addition, you avoid the investment because everything is being paid for on an ongoing basis instead. In addition, this service is also:

Scaleable and dynamic

An IaaS environment can scale according to how the business changes, more infrastructure is needed, it is easy to scale up the resources and at the same time it is easy to scale down if necessary.

High security and redundancy

When you share physical resources and physical space with other customers, there is very high security both in the physical environment but also in the virtual environment in an IaaS solution.


The customer only pays for the resources they utilize.




  • E-commerce companies that want their own stable, scalable and efficient environment to put their e-commerce on without sharing with others and with load balancing at high load.
  • Companies that want to put parts of their business in the cloud, either for backup or to relieve their physical environment.
  • For those who need a server infrastructure and who do not want to build skills and resources around IT infrastructure.