we choose beebyte

Here you can read about what some of our 5000 customers who chose us as their hosting-providers have to say about our services!


With this partnership we can offer our cusomers a flexible hosting environment that is custom made for the SireDirect-platform. Each customer can change the level of the performance depending on their need, and it is easy to increase the amount of resources when there is a higher amount of people on a website, even when it's only during a short period. It perfectly aligns with our own work with scalable solutions and making sure our customers have enough space to grow in. 

– SiteDirect's VD, Daniel Teglander


With beebytes simple and flexible partnerprogram we get a businessmodel that fit us and our customers well. We can easily uppgrade, administrate and install new customer-environments in the blink of an eye. 

- Tomas Björn, one of the owners of  Aktiv IT-partner in Wermland AB


Inbefore a temporary increase in trafic to our website we searched for an alternative to our then current server which couldn't be scaled after need. After a lot of searching we finally found beebyte, which could offer us a scalable solution with their cloud servers. 

They later emailed us to point out that we could decrease the amount of resources in order to save money without affecting the performance, and that together with their quick and helpful support has made us very satisfied users of their services. 

– Sebastian Söder, owner of Gaminggadgets.se


Our personel is often traveling and need to be able to work with the same material as their teammates no matter where they are. With bebeytes cloud-solution we can sync files seamlessly and with stability. Compared to our earlier systmes this solution is really fast! 

– Daniel Sturesson

Vasa Living AB

We wanted to land in a hosting provider that was right for us form the start, and with beebytes solution we get high performance with high flexibility which makes it easy to scale the amount of resources in accords with the amount of traffic that is on our site. We also get outstanding support in case we need it. 

- William Zhang, CTO

Young Media Group Ltd

Beebyte is an excellent option for us who manage a large number of websites. The unique and self-built control panel makes it very easy to add, manage and access your account & FTP information. A big plus that made us choose beebyte, is that all websites are separated from each other (they have their own UNIX-users) unlike many other web hosts. We look forward to following beebyte's development and hope for a long-term relationship.

– Rasmus Kjellberg