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Virtual Servers in Sweden

VPS in Sweden

With a VPS (Virtual Private Server) in Sweden, you can ensure that your data is close to Nordic visitors. In this way, response times are significantly reduced and you can ride on the good internet infrastructure that exists in Sweden. With VPS Sweden, you can also be sure that all your data is stored within the country’s borders and that way only Swedish legislation applies.

VPS in Sweden
Everything in one platform

Scale your VPS

Our VPS platform is created and ready for automation. Our users has a wide arrange of different operative system templates to choose from, both Windows and Linux -based.

You can managed all the servers specifications from our webbased GUI, such as adding storage, add or decrease CPU cores, memory etc. You can even launch a HTML5 based console, directly attached to your server or boot your server from an ISO -file. Ofcourse you can stop, start and reboot your server too.

All our VPS servers are billed per hour and are provided without any lock in.

VPS in Sweden
VPS in Sweden
You decide

Hosting on your terms

Via our control panel, you can adjust IP addresses, network connections and firewall rules yourself. In addition, the servers are stored in a secure server room in the defense’s old premises in Karlstad, still protected by armed guards. In other words, all server data is stored in Sweden on mirrored SSD disks.

Scale up or down your server’s performance as your needs change, either automatically or manually. You can also take a copy on your server or turn it into a template. Should an error occur on the physical hardware, an automatic failover of your server takes place to guarantee availability.

A simple choiuce

Benefits of using our VPS service

There are many benefits to using our VPS service – below you will find four! And if you are not sure if this is the right solution for your wallet, click here to access our price calculator and you can immediately calculate how much it costs to have your environment with us.

Hosting within the Swedish border

Members of ‘Based in Sweden’

We are proud members of “Based in Sweden”, for you as a user this means

No data is stored outside Sweden
Your data is governed by Swedish Law - only.
Your data is not subject to the US "Cloud Act", meaning that US authorities won't get access to your data without following the appropriate Swedish and European rules.
VPS in Sweden
VPS in Sweden
Optimized operations

Correct temperature

As we are using state of the art hardware we can keep the temperature comparatively high in our datacenters. Normally the in-flow temperature in our datacentres is between 24-25 degress celsius – all in accordance with the recommendations from our hardware vendor.

This renders a very good efficiency/cost ratio, beneficial for both the environment and our users.

Secure hosting

We protect your data

All beebytes VPS Servers are operated from our high-tech and secure data centers in Karlstad. The servers’ hardware and environment are monitored by automatic systems 24 hours a day, and emergency technicians are ready to be dispatched should anything happen.

VPS in Sweden
VPS in Sweden

Reserve power in case

In terms of power, the servers are fed with electricity that is labeled “Good Environmental Choice” and are connected behind both the UPS (battery power) system and reserve power (diesel). This means that we can cope with very long power outages.

VPS in Sweden
Secure hosting

Feel safe with BitNinja

We are a reseller of BitNinja – the leading application firewall for web servers on the market. By using BitNinja, you can ensure that malicious traffic, and so-called botnets are blocked early on from reaching your server and that malicious code never takes hold among your applications.

Read more about bitninja on our blog, or activate the service in our portal.

Fast, stable and secure

All data located in Sweden

Our data centers are located in Karlstad, where the servers are protected by environment surveillance, a cooling system as well as a redundant supply of electricity via UPS and diesel generators. All vital server-components are built according to the N+1 principal so that our hosting-solutions can be accessible around the clock.

Our servers are also connected to one of Europe’s biggest and most powerful backbone. Through the connection we at beebyte can offer our customers fast replies and high availability. The connection is created via fiber with redundancy and geographical diversity (with entrances from different geographical positions).

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VPS in Sweden

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