Uptime & availability

As one of the few hosting, cloud and VPS providers in Sweden, we choose to continuously and automatically, publicly report our uptime. This is because we think that you as a customer, in addition to our already tough SLA levels, should be able to feel confident in what it is you get when you buy your cloud services from us.

our uptime

Our uptime is measured continuously and published here on the left with a 31-day history. The uptime is measured on the infrastructure as a whole and not on individual objects. The measuring point is from globally deployed servers, whereupon possibly. routing errors on the internet globally are included.

why AVAILABILITY matters 

It really speaks for itself. If your vps, web page or server is often inaccessible, visitors and users will eventually stop visiting the page. Having the store open is, so to speak, a prerequisite for someone to be able to shop.

We have placed great focus on our cloud services always being there, with the highest performance.