As one of the first hosting providers on the market, we can offer support packages with clear limits for when, at the latest, the first response to a request should take place! This is previously something that has been reserved for larger players with large outsourcing contracts. By choosing a support agreement for your dedicated server or VPS, you can easily plan your business while also reducing your running costs.

Guaranteed responsetime

We use MTTR (Mean Time To Respond) to measure our response times. If we are unable to meet the promised response times, you have the right to have all or part of the monthly fee refunded.


Time-bank for consultation 

In our premium plus support package, you get access to 2 hours of consultation per month. The time can be used to e.g. optimize the performance of your site or troubleshoot a plugin.

signed per month 

To get access to ur support packages you will have to sign up for a monthly subscription which you will pay monthly in arrears. Simplicity in every step is our model for delivering customer satisfaction, something we according to our surveys are really good at.

SUPPORTPAckage for vps and deicated servers 

Below are our three different support packages. These can be combined with our SLA agreements for increased availability and functions such as round-the-clock assistance.


Included without cost 


Weekdays 08.00-17.00
(Closed for lunch 12-13)

8 hour responsetime

Questions regarding the userportal and services

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Everything in base is included

795 SEK

Weekdays 08.00-17.00
(Closed for lunch 12-13)

4 hour responsetime

Assistance with DNS pointers 

Installation of monthly updates

Installation of applications

Managing of rights 

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Everything in premium is included

1495 SEK

Weekdays 08.00-17.00
(Closed for lunch 12-13)

1 hour responsetime 

2 hour time-bank for consultation

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