Prices SCale CLoud VPS

Here you can read about the prices for our service Scale Cloud VPS! All purchases are made via the control panel after you have registered your account. Of course, you can freely choose between a number of different Linux distributions and Windows versions for your VPS.

The markets best offer

We always strive to have the market's most competitive and complete offer. All prices below are listed in Swedish kronor (SEK) and excluding VAT. Prices for CPU and memory are charged to the customer only when the server is turned on. Storage and IP addresses are charged regardless of whether the server is online or not.

Two zones - one cloud

In our cloud for VPSs, you can choose to create servers in two different so-called "Compute Zones".

Compute Zone General Purpose

Suitable for most types of services, such as web and database applications.

Price per month

CPU Core

2.1GHz - 2,4GHz




Price per hour

CPU Core

2.1GHz - 2,4GHz




Compute Zone High Performance

With faster memories and processors, this compute zone is suitable for all the most demanding applications.

Price per month

CPU Core

3,8 GHz

9,9 €


6,9 €/GB

Price per hour

CPU Core

3,8 GHz

0,0135616438 €


0,009452054 €/GB

Pricecalculator General Purpose

Here you can calculate approximately how much it costs to have a General Purpose VPS at Beebyte!
Just drag the symbols back and forth to scale up or down. You see the price on the right.


Varje kärna kör på en 2,4 Ghz Xeon server CPU


Antal IP adresser till din server


Minne för din server


Redundant SSD disk


Backup till annan server

5 GB bandbredd inkluderad varje timma, via 100 Mbit/s upplänk

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