Beebyte paas

With beebyte PaaS (Platform as a Service), it is easy to get started with a scalable and accessible platform for your projects. With a few keystrokes, you can easily set up the service you want to use - without having to manage and patcha servers!

You manage the code – We manage the infrastructure

With our services, you use Cloudlets to control how many resources you want to allocate to your application and how it should scale at greater or lesser load. A Cloudlet corresponds to 128 MiB RAM and 400Mz CPU power, and depending on how much RAM and CPU power your application needs, the number of Cloudlets also varies. You set a maximum number of Cloudlets yourself to determine the maximum limit of resources that the application needs, while our service manages the specified amount of resources and ensures that only the required number of Cloudlets is used.


Full support for Containers

In our platform, you can easily include your own Docker containers and take full advantage of Kubernetes for handling. In addition, you can launch a number of ready-made cluster sets for e.g. MySQL / MariaDB, Elasticsearch, WordPress and Magento - completely out of the box.


Pay for what you actually use 

We do not like to make things more complicated than they are. Therefore, our price list is set up from the beginning to provide predictability. The more resources you use or reserve for your projects, the greater the discount for the given resources. Of course, you see a price indication all the time in our control panel while you configure your infrastructure.

Your data is never far away

Our datacenter is located in Karlstad, where the servers are protected by environment surveillance, a cooling system as well as a redundant supply of electricity via UPS and dielseaggregate. All vital server-components are built according to the N+1 principal so that our hosting-solutions can be accessible around the clock.

Our servers are also connected to one of Europe's biggest and most powerful backbone. Through the connection we at beebyte can offer our costumers fast replies and high availability. The connection is created via fiber with redundancy and geographical diversity (with entrances from different geographical positions).

Price calculator

Here you can quickly calculate how much it would cost to have a cluster in beebyte PaaS!


beebyte paas - wordpress cluster

Curious? Check out this video where we go through how to create a wordpress cluster in just a few clicks

World-class support

When becoming our customer, you also get access to our reliable support.

intuitive interface

With just a few clicks, you can launch a load-balanced solution, database cluster or your own containers.


With beebyte PaaS, you can easily increase or decrease the capacity of the application, both vertically and horizontally.


Do not pay for anything more than what you need. Let beebyte Paas manage the resources according to the load on your application.