Is your company active on the web, in IT or consulting industry? Then you probably have come across customers who from time to time ask for a good hosting or cloud service for their servers. We have one of the market's simplest partner programs - with us, the partnership is never more than a click away!

Get started!

Create your account today and then mark that you want to become a reseller so you can resell our services and get a 10% commission on all sales of web hosting and virtual servers, every month. Choose yourself whether you or someone else will handle the end customer's cloud services. You will find help and instructions in our knowledge database.

Partner program

In this video, we tell you more about what you as a partner can take part in!

All customers hosting - One log in

Become a reseller and partner by creating an account,then create a reseller and start posting your customers.

everything at one place

Manage all your customers hostingservices from one Log in.

smooth solutions

Shorten delivery time through smart features such as "temporary domain" and management labels.


Easy managing of invoices, kick-backs and additional services.

Develop for free - launch easily

Through our partner program, you get easy access to free hosting for development environments. A development site is free for 2 months. When it's time to launch, there is a simple flow that allows you to deliver the page to your customer. In order for you to easily keep your different projects apart, you can mark them with different labels.

Exclusive functions

As a Beebyte reseller, you get access to:

  • Central customer management from a single login.
  • Easy switching between customer organizations.
  • Free "loan domains" generated automatically by us.
  • Opportunity to register domain names and buy services for your customer.
  • 10% monthly partner commission on paid web hosting and hosting invoices that can be collected as invoicing documents or discount codes.

everything at one place

Manage all your customers from the same control-panel without having to log back in.

10% Provision

Every month you can collect your commission on your own via the user portal. Either as an amount to invoice Beebyte, or as a discount code.


easy teamwork

Are you several users who will administer your customers or does the customer need access to their own control panel? No problem! Everything can be administered via our portal.