Plesk Partner

Plesk is one of the world's most widely used software for control panels. With Plesk, you can manage both web applications and the server as a whole. Thanks to the large range of plugins and add-ons, an extremely high level of automation and security is achieved. Beebyte is also one of the few Plesk partners with over 10 years of software experience on both Windows and Linux platforms.

easy managing of websites

Via the control panel you can handle all the administration required for a web server or database server. For example, you can handle login information, installation and updates of known web applications e.g. WordPress as well as resource utilization and quotas for resource utilization.

With the help of the ever-growing additional catalog, it is easy to add new functions to the server, such as support and handling of Docker containers. You will find the supplementary catalog here.

Plesk –  The best at wordpress hosting

Through its unique partnership with Automaticc, the creators behind WordPress, Plesk is the best solution for managing websites built in WordPress. In Plesk Web Pro Edition and up, Plesk's famous WP Toolkit is included, which provides the ability to easily set up staging-pages, put pages in maintenance mode and manage passwords and login centrally. Of course, Plesk also comes with an extremely competent function for creating and rereading backups.

You could say that we like plesk because it is:


Plesk provides access to easy management of all your WordPress pages!


Of course, there are good and simple integrations to enable free SSL via LetsEncrypt


Use extensions / additions to make your installation even more powerful