about beebyte

Here you can read more about beebyte, our vision with our company and what we strive to achieve on the swedish hosting market!

Why "beebyte"?

The people behind beebyte have been involved with IT, Cloud and hosting industry for more than a total of 30 years. Some started in the hosting industry as early as 1998. We are a bunch of IT nerds who love technology, smart solutions and bringing new solutions to market. We have often been called the "bumblebee of the industry", as our ideas fly even though there have been those who mistrusted them from the beginning - hence our name beebyte - or bumblebeebyte.

Commitment and passion

In every line of code, in every step of our delivery, our business concept is to bring real added value to you as a customer. That is why we have no binding period or notice period. We are confident in the knowledge that we produce something that you are happy with 24 hours a day and that our commitment to doing business together with our partners, for the benefit of the market, is what gives us joy and an secured place on the cloud map of the future. Small as well as large, our commitment is about building a better market accessible to all.

Ethics code

For us, it is important that our company is part of a bigger picture. Therefore, we give all employees abroad one day a month to engage in social work in the local area, e.g. night hiking or helping with food for the homeless. We believe that a healthy conscience goes hand in hand with profitable business. Therefore, we also donate capacity to the Free Software Foundation (www.fsf.org) and support the so-called Tor-network for the benefit of persecuted and oppressed people in countries whose regimes are authoritarian.


Environmental friendly hosting

We do everything we can to minimize our climate impact. This means that we always try to think modern and climate-smart when we design and build our services. One such example is how we handle the heat from our servers: in one of our halls we use the mountain's natural cold to cool our servers. In the second hall, we let the heat be used to heat the rest of the property. Of course, all electricity we use mainly comes from non-carbon sources such as wind and hydropower. Read more about our datacenter.

In addition to this, we try to always use trains as our primary means of transport for business trips. In cases where we need to use a car, it is done with electric or plug-in hybrid cars.

we at Beebyte!

This is the team that makes sure everything runs smoothly and is here to support you 24/7, if so necessary.

Clara Alsterlind
Marketing Manager

Niclas Alvebratt
CEO & Market

Simon Ekstrand

Valeriu Vasciuc
Drift & Development

Jonas Tränk
Sales & Advisement

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Lucas Helmersson
Technical support

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Kevin Nilsson
Technical support

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