Request for help to move

Below you will find a form, to be filled out by the customer in order to request help relocating a website, domain and/or e-mail. After the form has been sent in, a errand is created at beebyte support. Via beebytes user portal and e-mail you are able to follow the errand and communicate with our support. When the errand is received we will return shortly with a time for scheduled moving. Use one form per organization and website in the user portal

Form for moving

Use one form per organization and website in the user portal.

If you are a re-seller or partner

If you are a re-seller/partner to beebyte we will need a customerorganisation to place the services on. State this below.

Approval for moving

When the relocating of your services is finished we will send an e-mail where you have 5 days to approve that the move has been carried out correctly. If anything needs to be corrected after the move it is included within the framework of the free moving.

Create account

To be able to complete a relocation of website, domain and/or e-mail it requires that you have an account in our user portal. If you do not have an account, click "log in" in the menu and create an account before filling out the form.