Iris monitoring

As the only Swedish cloud provider we offer a full integrated, free surveillance service in our platform. The service that we call beebyte iris is built on a series of different software-components and can simply be activated via your control panel. This allows for surveillance of objects (for example VPS/virtual server or website on a shared hosting) that is available in our cloud.

An easy way to get started!

Of course it is easy to activate beebyte iris- the only thing you need to do is log in through your control panel, enter the tools menu and start placing your surveillance. You can also choose who you think should manage any alarms and how. This way you can use the service to for example locate more resources to an already existing IT-department, or letting beebyte manage the whole operation. As a user of the service you are always in control of all things previously mentioned making it easy to manage all of your IT-environment.

Of course you can also send the alarm to several contacts at the same time.

Four different types of surveillance

In the service you are currently able to choose between four different types of surveillance. We are planning to add more as the time goes by and have prepared our services to be able to handle so called Nagios-plugins that give us thousands of completed surveillance-modules that can be imported almost effective immediately. Nagios is one of the worlds most widespread and trusted platforms for surveillance and available in several commercial versions.

Ping - check

Ensure that your serves respond to the network through just letting iris send a so called Ping (ICMP 8) packet in regulated intervals.

Web - check

Let iris read one of the given URL (website) regularly and look for a text strand or word. If iris is not able to locate the strand or word it will generate an alarm.

Ssl - check

Have you ever forgot about and/or missed to renew your SSL-certificate in time or felt that the script for the LetsEncrypt renewal is not working properly? Let iris check that your certificate is working properly.

TCP Port - check

Have you ever had an application working over networks and want to be sure that the network-port is answering? With TCP port -check you can automatically control that your applications is available - regardless of which TCP port it is presented on.

Prices Iris

The price for iris is based on two different types. You can buy SMS-credits in bundles that is used to send alarms your way. These are bought in a bundle of 10 SMS (5,5 €), 50 SMS (23.9 €) or 100 SMS (43,9 €).

You can at any time buy more SMS and when there is only 5 SMS left you will get a reminder via mail that it is time for a refill.

In addition you can choose to have beebytes senior drift-technicians take care of your alarms in accords to a prearranged management-plan (setting time 60 minutes 24/7). The management plan is written when you install your alarm. The cost for alarm managing is 49,5 €/Month and that includes 30 minutes of alarm managing (an hours setting time). Thereafter it will cost 990 SEK/ hour, before you choose how many hours we eventually will incident-manage in addition to the included half hour.

Iris is activated and managed through our user portal. Log in or create a free account by filling out our form down below!

Starting fee

0 €


0,439-0,550 €

Iris is able to send you text messages in case of alarm, This way you can manage your servers or website incidents by yourself.

Incident managing

49,5 €

49,5 € / Month if you want us to incident-manage (0,5 h included work time), thereafter 99 € / hour (you your self choose a maximum of hours).