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Iris Monitoring

We offer a fully integrated, free monitoring service in our platform. The service that we call Iris Monitoring is based on a number of different software components and can be easily activated via your control panel. This allows for the monitoring of objects (for example VPS / virtual server or a website on shared hosting) that is in our cloud.

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Your way

Easy to get started

Of course, activating beebyte iris is easy – all you have to do is log into your control panel, go into the tools menu and start setting up your monitoring. You can also choose who will handle any alarms and how. In this way, you can use the service to e.g. give more resources to an already existing IT department, alternatively let beebyte manage the entire operation.

As a user of the service, you have control over all parts at all times and thus get simple management of your entire IT environment. Of course, you can also send the alarms to several contacts at the same time.

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Select monitoring

Four types of monitoring

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Make sure your server is network-responsive by having iris send so-called Ping (ICMP 8) packets to it at regular intervals.

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Have iris read a given URL (web page) at regular intervals and look for a text string or word. If iris does not find the string or word, it will generate an alarm.

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Has it happened that you have missed renewing your SSL certificate in time or that the script for the LetsEncrypt renewal has not been run? Let iris check that your certificate is working properly.

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TCP Port-Check

With TCP Port check, you can automatically check that the network port of your application is available  regardless of which TCP port it is presented on.

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Iris price is based on two different types. On the one hand, you can buy SMS credits in pots that are used to send you alerts. These are bought in pots of 10 SMS (5.5 €), 50 SMS (23.9 €) or 100 SMS (43.9 €).

You can buy more SMS at any time and when there are 5 SMS left, you will receive a reminder via email that it is time to top up.

SMS credits

These are used to send you alerts.

10 SMS
50 SMS
100 SMS
Iris Monitoring eng

Get expert help right away

In addition to this, you can choose to have beebyte’s senior operating technicians take care of your alarms according to a predetermined action plan (setting time 60 minutes 24/7). You write the action plan when you set up your alarm. The cost of alarm management is 49.5€ month which includes half an hour of alarm management (one hour set-up time). After that it costs 99.5€ / hour (199€ / hour during weekends and outside the time 8-17 on weekdays), you choose how many hours we possibly shall handle incidents beyond the included half hour.

Iris is activated and managed via the user portal. Log in or create a free account by filling out the form below!

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