woocommerce hosting

Woocommerce Hosting

WooCommerce, which is a plug-in to the popular blogging and publishing tool WordPress, has quickly become one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms. Like WordPress, it is based on open source (open source code) and has inherited many of the strengths of the WordPress tool: simplicity and a large selection of plugins. Installing WooCommerce is just as easy as installing any plug-in. Download, use the WooCommerce Plugin after activation and start creating your e-commerce. In addition to this, there is a large selection of plugins for check-outs (cash registers) with support for, for example, credit card payment or Swish.


When choosing hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce, we recommend via one of the options below, but if you are unsure, you are of course welcome to contact us and we will help you further to the right choice for your particular e-commerce. We at beebyte are among the most popular and recommended hosting companies in Sweden for hosting WooCommerce and WordPress. We make sure to help you with a set up that is right for you.

WOOCOMMERCE in shared hosting

WooCommerce in our shared hosting work really well. Thanks to our unique tools, together with servers that are operated in our top-secure data center in Karlstad, you can go a long way with the resources available in our shared hosting. For extra fast operation, you can choose our High-Performance alternative with faster processors, which in turn shortens the charging times, both for visitors and administrators.


For the most demanding WooCommerce setups, we recommend your own VPS. This allows you to completely configure your environment down to the smallest detail. Thanks to our partnership with Plesk, we can offer smart solutions for server management. With Plesk as an installed control panel, you get access to most of the smart functions that otherwise belong in our shared hosting. As a selection, staging, cloning and securing of WordPress / WooCommerce according to best practices can be mentioned.


After several decades in the industry, beebyte has deep and solid knowledge of business-critical operation and hosting such as that for e-commerce. An e-commerce must be available around the clock, with good performance for conversions to succeed and the e-merchant to achieve optimal profitability. In addition, safety must be top notch and automatic safety systems in place to ensure operation.

Thanks to our smart automated systems, as well as our comprehensive offer of service agreements, beebyte can help large as well as small e-retailers to optimize their presence on the web.


Through our collaboration with the control panel manufacturer Plesk, we can offer a number of unique and smart functions around the management of WooCommerce. How about simple staging function or one-click install of SSL certificate? Or why not autopatching both server, WordPress, themes and plugins?


Moving a website or e-commerce from one hosting provider to another can be a challenging task. We help you move your WooCommerce and WordPress site to us free of charge. Of course, we make sure that there is no or as little downtime for your website as possible. Read more about our service ”Free help moving”.