mAgento Hosting

Magento is a e-commerceplatform that is built upon open source code, and have after their launching 2008 been experiencing a fast growth as company, much thanks to its high adaptability. We at beebyte have much experience in hosting for e-commerce.

let the experts at LAMP help you

High quality, fast and stabile Magento hosting requires a deep knowledge in different servers and open source -technologies. Hosting and drift of Magento usually happens on servers or web-hotels that uses the so called Lamp -stack (Linux Apache PHP MySQL). Like many other e-commerce platforms Magento is relatively database-intense, but beebytes storage platform with only SSD -disc is optimal for drift of Magento.

With deep knowledge and long experience regarding LAMP- stack beebyte can help you find the right infrastructure and service agreement for a optimal and cost-efficient Magento hosting.

business-critical Hosting 

Beebyte possesses deep and reliable knowledge of business-ccritical drift and hosting for e-commerce after multiple decennials working in this industry. An e-commerce website have to be available 24/7 and perform well in order to successfully complete conversions and to make sure the e-commerce reach optimal profitability. Thanks to our smart automatic systems, as well as our comprehensive offer regarding service agreements beebyte can help all types of e-commerce to optimize their presence on the web.