Hosting E-commmerce

We at beebyte know that hosting is critical for an e-commerce-site. It is important that the system works properly 24 hours of the day to reach optimal degree of conversion and at the same time we also offer solutions for all types of e-commerce. Here you can read more about our services regarding e-commerce!

Services for all kinds of e-commerce

With more than 10 years in the business, we know how big the need is for high quality services, regardless if you are operating your e-commerce by yourself as an individual firm or have several employees and acquire 100 million SEK every year. That is why we have developed several different additional services that help our users regardless where you are currently on your journey of growth as a corporation. Everything from simpler surveillance systems such as our service called Iris to customizedserviceagreements.

The importance of flexibility

That the need for a e-commerce solution differ from time to time is nothing out of the ordinary. Many companies have for example spring-sale or Black Friday offers before Christmas. That is why it is important to choose a platform that simply can scale up and down in capacity without generating new binding periods or period of notice. With our virtual servers you pay only for what you use from one hour to another. This way you can always be prepared for new sales records!

business critical drift

Hosting for e-commerce is critical business. It is important that the system works properly during the full 24 hour period to reach optimal degree of conversion.

When your visitors choose to visit your web shop it has to respond quickly and efficiently to give the best shopping experience as possible. Our platform is optimized for heavy database applications such as e-commerce as well as the fact that our data center is built for high accessibility. Our servers are connected to one of north Europe's biggest backbone network and is also located in Swedish centers for fast response times for Swedish and Nordic e-shoppers.