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Domain and DNS

We at beebyte know that domains and DNS are important for driving visitors to your website to increase traffic and thus increase your website’s visibility! Here you can read more about why domains and DNS are important and how we work with this. Of course, you can buy all the usual top-level domains from us and also use our domain hosting.

Domain and DNS
Domain and DNS
Domain and DNS
Make sure visitors find your website

Why do you need a domain?

A little simplified, you can say that every time someone enters a web address in their browser, the computer asks a server (DNS server) about which IP address a domain name points to. This is the IP address of your web server or web host and thus tells your computer where it can download your website.

A domain name should correspond to your brand or the information on your website and is an important part for search engines to easily show your website to the right visitors. The domain name is paid annually in advance and with us you can choose to pay by credit card or invoice. Domain hosting is included if you buy the domain name from us.

Everything in one portal

All functions in one place

We like to make things that we ourselves enjoy using. Therefore, we have built a DNS editor in our portal that we think is among the easiest to use on the market. In it you will find functions such as:

Sorting pointers
Import of zone files in Bind format
Smart creation of pointers – our editor chooses the appropriate pointer type itself
A really fast editor (yes, we got tired of all the slow ones)!
If you also use our web hosting, you can easily check that all the pointers are correct
Built-in DNS health check
Domain and DNS
Domain and DNS
Fast, simple and smart

Easy to register your domain

beebyte is the registrar for the top-level domains .SE and .NU. This means that we can provide our users with the absolute best experience in registering and managing these TLDs. Of course, you can also register all common top-level domains with us.

Register your domain by creating a free account in our user portal. Once logged in, you will also see current prices for various top-level domains!

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Domain and DNS

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