Domain and Dns hosting

We here at beebyte know that domains and DNS are a important part in being able to guide people to your website to increase traffic and therefor increasing your websites visibility! Here you can read more about why our domains and DNS are important and how we choose to work with this. Of course you can buy all the regular top-domains from us and also use our domain hosting.

Why do you need a domain or a domain name?

To make it simple you can say that every time someone types in a webadress in their webbrowser the computer asks a server (DNS-server) which IP-address a domain name is pointing to. This is the IP-adress for your webserver or shared hosting and essentially tells your computer where to access your page.

A domain name should correspond to your brand or the information on your website and is a important part in order to allow search engines to be able to easily show your website for the right visitors. The domain name is payed in advance every year and here at beebyte you can either choose to pay through credit card or invoice. Domain hosting is included if you buy the domain name from us.

Register your domain through creating a free account in our user portal. When logged in you can see the current pricing for our different top-domains.

Every function in one place

We like to make things we ourselves like to use. Therefor we have built a DNS editor in our portal that we consider to be one of the easiest to use on the current market. There you will find functions such as:

  • Sorting of pointers
  • Import of zonfiles in Blind-format
  • Smart creating of pointers - our editor choose the most suitable pointer-type
  • A really fast editor (yes, we got tired of all the slow ones!)
  • If you also use our web-hotel you can easily control that all the pointers are correct
  • Built-in DNS healthcheck

Beebyte is registered for the topdomains .SE och .NU. Which means that we can provide our users with the best experience of registration and managing of these top-domains. Of course you can also register all common occurring top-domains in our user portal.