Dedicated Server

With a dedicated server, unlike a virtual server, you are completely alone in using all the resources of the physical server. Beebyte are unique in our dedicated server offer. Flexible binding periods, no spinning discs (quick 100% SSD-storage - as always) and full administration rights to your server from the start! Of course your server also comes delivered with a IPMI connection which makes it so you can easily restart, turn off and turn on the server as well as connect to the console.

Reliable internet access

Our hall and your server are directly connected to large networks in Sweden via redundant internet conjunctives with diversity (the cables physically and geographically run through two different walls). This reassures for short loading times and high uptime.


We can help you make a back up copy of your data from your dedicated server. There is also the possibility to have a off-site backup in our secondary data-center, placed more than 5 kilometers from our primary. The service is based on beebyte B3 backups.


Your server is connected to a secure deliverance of electricity via a diesel-aggregate and battery backup. The server is placed in our safe data-center that is constantly surveilled by guards.

VPN and network

A dedicated server gives full freedom in regards to network and connectivity. Use IPv4 as well as Ipv6 and place the VPN-solution you desire and like. We also have the opportunity to make tailored network solutions.

A SERVER based on your terms

Even if our virtualization platform Scale Cloud can handle 99.9% of all types of workloads there are occurences were a dedicated server still is more beneficial. Depending on your needs it can also be a more cost-efficient solution.

Of course the dedicated server be delivered so it is ready for virtualization with VMWare, Windows (Hyper-V) or KVM.

We have a relatively big supply of dedicated servers which are ready for use at short notice. In addition we also have the opportunity to tailor a server solution that is a perfect fit for your company. Please contact us here and we will gladly tell you more!

Dedicated Server 1


2499 SEK / Month

8 Core CPU Intel E5-2609 v4


2x960 GB Enterprise SSD

Daily backup (7 days of history)

15 000 GB included traffic/month

IPMI Remote Access

Dedicated Server 2

powerful server

3995 SEK / Month

2x8 Core CPU Intel E5-2609 v4


4x960 GB Enterprise SSD

Daily backup (7 day of history)

15 000 GB Included traffic/month

IPMI Remote Access

Tailored Server

Tailored after need

from 1995 SEK / Month

Fully adapted to your needs

The possibility to tailored models of payment

Broad assortment of new and recycled servers

Contact us for a offer