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Faster response time with PoPs

Content Delivery Network

With the help of a CDN service you can transfer media for your website to different CDN PoPs (Point of Presence) to lower the response time and shorten the loadtime for the media on your website. By letting the visitors load the media from a PoP closer to them the response will shorten dramatically, which then leads to a better web-experience and increased conversion rate. This is why we at beebyte have PoPs in every corner of the world that our customers can use!

CDN – Content Delivery Network eng
CDN – Content Delivery Network eng
International PoPs

POP – Point of Presence

Today we have points of presence and delivery options in the following regions and cities:


Berlin (Germany)
Brussels (Belgium)
Frankfurt (Germany)
Karlskrona (Sweden)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Gothenburg (Sweden)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
London (Great Britain)
Paris (France)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Antwerp (Netherlands)
Vienna (Austria)
Milan (Italy)
Moscow (Russia)
Kiev (Ukraine)
Odessa (Ukraine)
Kharkov (Ukraine)
Bucharest (Romania)

North America

Miami (USA)
Chicago (USA)
Los Angeles (USA)
Kansas City (USA)
Houston (USA)
Seattle (USA)
Salt Lake City (USA)
Sacramento (USA)
Dallas (USA)
Arlington (USA)
Provo (USA)
Washington (USA)
Atlanta (USA)
Toronto (Canada)
Montreal (Canada)


Hanoi (Vietnam)
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
Hong-Kong (China)
Tokyo (Japan)
Dubai (U. Arab emirate)
Istanbul (Turkey)

Africa & Oceania

Cape Town (South Africa)
Perth (Australia)
Sydney (Australia)

Central & South America

Campinas (Brazil)
San Paolo (Brazil)


Price per continent

Usage of the CDN service is billed monthly in arrears as part of our Scale Cloud service. The price is based per Gigabyte sent and is currently set against a dollar rate of 1 USD = 0.98 €. The price may change if the exchange rate changes. All prices are stated excluding VAT. Prices differ slightly by region:

Europe: 0.1 € / GB
Central & South America: 0,12 € / GB
Africa: 0,18 € / GB
Asia: 0,12 € / GB
North America: 0,1 € / GB
For your needs

Want to add a CDN?

We’ll help you pick out the one that suits your needs and answer any questions you might have. Contact us today and we’ll help you:

CDN – Content Delivery Network eng