B3v2 - Block based backups

beebyte supplies you with the service B3v2-Block Based Backups which allows you to make a back up copy of your VPS or your dedicated servers. This service allows for a much smarter way to make backups than using a traditional (image or file-based) backuper.

Smart backup for VPS and dedicated servers

By comparing datachanges on block-level via Changed Block Tracking (instead of reviewing every file for itself) the backups can run on high intervals therefore decreasing the risks of dataloss in the case of malfuntion.

The standard schedule allows the backups to run once every hour, all day. The system supports Linux servers as well as Window servers with full support for MSSQL backuper and other applications with VSS-support. This service was developed in cooperation with Acronis- one of the most renowned companies in the world in regards to datasecurity.


Designed to manage several files and large quantities of data via "incremental for ever" and CBT- Changed Block Tracking.


Because of the fact that our costumers share physical resources as well as physical location there is high security in both the physical setting but also in the virtual setting with a IaaS-solution.

Good agentsupport

The service fully supports VSS and therefore integrate good with other software for Windows Server for example MSSQL. It also supports for example Active Directory.

Backup on a granual level

Via a web based control panel you can easily restore individual files or databases.

FULl cONTROL with Modern dashboard

Via our userportal you can easily access your dashboard for all of your backups and B3v2- services. You can adjust your settings to how often you want your backups to run and simply restore files or whole machines. From the dashboard you can also update agents as well as create status reports.

You activate B3v2 using your log in in our user portal and from there just clicking your way forward.

Activate in the user portal

By using your log in our user portal you can activate B3 Block Based Backups direct from your virtual servers (VPS). Complete installation-scripts are available for Windows Server and you can simply post your schedule.

You start by specifying how much storage you want to use (B3 Storage Space) for your backups. Thereafter install the agent and put your server in management interface. You are then charged monthly based on your usage by the end of the month.

Storage spaces

0,18 € / GB and month

Full access to the control panel and all agents without extra costs. You will be charged on the amount of stored, compressed, data.