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Protects the server

BitNinja Server Security

To ensure that our servers are protected against any possible violations or attacks, beebyte utilizes the application BitNinja Server Security, which is considered one of the most reliable web application firewalls (WAF – Web Application Firewall) on the market in regards to cybersecurity. BitNinja is included and available to all of our shared hosting costumers (except Shared Hosting Windows which is protected by other WAF). For more information in regards to how BitNinja works or the technical sides of the application you can watch the video down below!

Bitninja Server Security eng
Bitninja Server Security eng
Bitninja Server Security eng
Smart security

Get full protection without losing performance

BitNinja uses smart and reliable technology to strengthen the security for, for example, WordPress. Through identifying from which IP-addresses harmful code spreads and further sharing the information in closest to real time with other BitNinja users then “greylisting” the addresses. Therefore making it impossible for traffic from infected computers or servers to reach the websites. With the help of BitNinja you can stop using safety plugins which have a tendency to increase the loading time of your websites.

What’s included

Blocks malicious content

In the BitNinja Server Security service, you get a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that protects your server from external threats, and the service…

Constantly scans and analyzes the incoming traffic flow to the server and looking for harmful content
Blacklists and greylists traffic that shouldn't be on your website
Is integrated in our user portal for smooth whitelisting directly from the portal
Protects the site from dangerous traffic entering it
Uses CAPTCHA to distinguish between human and bot-generated traffic if the IP address is greylisted
Blocks suspicious dangerous code as soon as it is detected
Bitninja Server Security eng
Bitninja Server Security eng

Want to try BitNinja for free?

For your needs

Are you interested in seeing what BitNinja can do for your server at beebyte? Then you can try it free of charge. Contact us and we’ll set up a free 7-day trial for you.

Quick, simple, smart

BitNinja Server Security

Still curious? Check out this video to see what BitNinja is all about. Or visit bitninja.se